Passage Across the Mersey by Robert Bhatia


Passage Across the Mersey


Robert Bhatia

The remarkable true story of Helen Forrester, author of Twopence to Cross the Mersey, and how she turned her life from tragedy to triumph.

When Helen Forrester’s father went bankrupt in the 1930’s, she and her six siblings fell from a comfortable middle-class existence into wretched poverty. Later in life, Helen wrote a ground-breaking series of memoirs, starting with Twopence to Cross the Mersey, which told the harrowing account of her family’s struggles in Depression-era Liverpool. It was a story filled with tragedy and small triumphs but many readers wondered what happened to Helen when she grew up; what became of the fragile young girl who had so much responsibility heaped on her shoulders?

Now for the first time, her son Robert recounts the unexpected life that Helen went on to live; of the remarkable love story with a young man from a background a million miles away from everything a Lancashire Lass like Helen would have known and of the astonishing lengths she went to in order to achieve happiness. Full of new revelations and fascinating detail never before revealed, Passage Across the Mersey is a story of an extraordinary woman, and of the journey that took her thousands of miles from the place she called home…

My Review:

This is the biography of Helen Forrester – author, mother, wife and truly remarkable woman.

In this inspiring, up-lifting biography, written by Robert Bhatia, Helen Forrester’s only son, we follow Helen’s journey through the depths of poverty in the 1930s, her heart-break over loosing two fiancés in the war and her quest for happiness.

At times in this book, I found myself immensely saddened by some of the things Helen lived through and endured and others hopeful, amazed by Helen’s enormous amount of strength and courage. She went from struggling, hungry young girl to clever, determined woman who, after much heartache, falls in love with Avadh Bhatia, a young man, visiting from India to finish his PhD.

In this book are numerous quotes from old letters sent between Helen and Avadh  after their engagement. Things aren’t as easy as they could have been and it is, in fact, a troubled time before they see each other again. But despite their struggles, Helen remains steadfast in her goal: to live a happy life with Avadh in India. The letters give us a deep, beautiful and at times heart-wrenching insight into their lives as they wait for their piece of happiness and the time when they can finally be together.

I urge you to read this book.

Possessing immeasurable strength of character and spirit, Helen Forrester is such a remarkable woman. And if you love her books, this is a must-read.

Heart-warming. Touching. Inspiring.

If you would like to buy Passage Across the Mersey, this is the link!

Thank you to HarperCollins for my copy!

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