Deadly Game by Matt Johnson (Blog Tour)

I’m delighted to welcome everyone to my spot on the blog tour for Deadly Game by Matt Johnson today,  alongside fabulous Laura at pageturnersnook !  This is the second book in the Robert Finlay series.


Deadly Game A/W.indd

Deadly Game


Matt Johnson


Reeling from the attempts on his life and that of his family, Police Inspector Robert Finlay returns to work to discover that any hope of a peaceful existence has been dashed.Assigned to investigate the Eastern European sex-slave industry just as a key witness is murdered. Finlay, along with his new partner Nina Brasov, finds himself facing a ruthless criminal gang, determined to keep control of the traffic of people into the UK. On the home front, Finlay’s efforts to protect his wife and child may have been in vain, as an MI5 protection officer uncovers a covert secret service operation that threatens them all…Picking up where the bestselling Wicked Game left off, Deadly Game sees Matt Johnson’s damaged hero fighting on two fronts. Aided by new allies, he must not only protect his family but save a colleague from an unseen enemy …and a shocking fate.

My Review:


There are so many wonderful elements that conspire in the making of Deadly Game. One of which is it’s ability to give you action and excitement without losing something that is crucial, I think, to the plot and to making this book stand out from the crowd – the emotion behind it. As with some books in this genre, the human emotion in a book can be lost within a tide of action and moments specifically designed to thrill, but not with Deadly Game  – it has that and more. It has a heart. And I really loved that about it. Deadly  Game picks up right where it left off in Wicked Game, which is equally as fabulous! I thoroughly recommend.

The first chapter opens in 1999 with Relia Stanga, a seventeen-year-old girl living in Romania. Working at a shoe factory as a glue mixer, Relia dreams of a better future for herself. When men come to her factory offering beautiful girls there a new life in the city with better jobs, she sees her opportunity and takes it. But what she hoped would be a bright future for herself, quickly turns into a bleak nightmare far from what she could ever have imagined.

“The old ‘game’, in which punters paid individual girls for services, was now a deadly game, one in which life was cheap; girls expendable.
It was a game our small team was about to join.”

2001: Robert Finlay is suffering from PTSD following the traumatic attempt on his life. Assigned to investigate the Eastern European sex-slave industry with new partner Nina Brasov, Finlay’s safety and that of his family become ever more precarious, just as an MI5 officer uncovers a covert secret service operation that could blow everything apart…

“Like many prisoners, he spent a lot of time reading, it was the only way to escape to another place – like dreaming with his eyes open.”


This book is so engrossing. I loved how it delved into the world of the secret service. It’s authentic and very, very enjoyable. I had a great day reading Deadly Game on the beach at Loe Bar.

I can’t recommend this book enough. I think this is a PERFECT read for thriller fans. And like I said before, this has lots of thrilling moments but it also has lots of emotion at its core. Robert is desperately trying to protect his beloved family, he is suffering with PTSD AND he is assigned to investigate the horrendous world of sex trafficing.

There is so much going on in this book. I loved it. You’ll see when you read it. Just the first chapter is enough to break your heart.

Engrossing. Authentic. Emotional.

If you would like to buy Deadly Game here is the link


A little bit about the author:


Matt Johnson served as a soldier and Metropolitan Police officer for 25 years. Blown off his
feet at the London Baltic Exchange bombing in 1993, and one of the first police officers
on the scene of the 1982 Regent’s Park bombing, Matt was also at the Libyan People’s
Bureau shooting in 1984 where he escorted his mortally wounded friend and colleague,
Yvonne Fletcher, to hospital. Hidden wounds took their toll. In 1999, Matt was discharged
from the police with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. While undergoing treatment, he was
encouraged by his counsellor to write about his career and his experience of murders,
shootings and terrorism. One evening, Matt sat at his computer and started to weave
these notes into a work of fiction that he described as having a tremendously cathartic
effect on his own condition. His bestselling thriller, Wicked Game, which was shortlisted
for the CWA John Creasey Dagger, was the result. Deadly Game once again draws on
Matt’s experiences and drips with the same raw authenticity of its predecessor.

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Huge thanks to Karen Sullivan of Orenda Books for my review copy and for including me on the blog tour!



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