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Welcome to my stop on the Exquisite blog tour today! I’m so excited to post my review for this amazing novel by Sarah Stovell, published by Orenda Books.




Sarah Stovell

Bo Luxton has it all – a loving family, a beautiful home in the Lake District, and a clutch of bestselling books to her name. Enter Alice Dark, an aspiring writer who is drifting through life, with a series of dead-end jobs and a freeloading boyfriend. When they meet at a writers’ retreat, the chemistry is instant, and a sinister relationship develops … Or does it? Breathlessly pacey, taut and terrifying, Exquisite is a startlingly original and unbalancing psychological thriller that will keep you guessing until the very last page.

My Review:

When I review a book, I usually use an index card as a bookmark – comes in very handy for jotting down thoughts about the book: what I like about it, what I don’t – but when it came to reviewing Exquisite, I had to use a piece of paper to document all the things I absolutely loved about this novel. Don’t worry though, I won’t put all those nuggets in this review – we’d be here all day! Exquisite is one extraordinary debut. It’s dark and compelling and hugely engrossing. Without a doubt one of my favourite books of 2017!

‘I’d been speaking to this woman for less than half an hour, and in that time, it felt as though she’d stripped off my skin and seen right to the very heart of me. It was exhilarating, in a way. And frightening.’

When Alice Dark receives a letter offering her a place on an advance writing course, to be tutored by famous author Bo Luxton, she is given an opportunity to take a step away from the mundane pattern of her life and an take a step onto a path of a better one. But when Alice meets Bo, rich, successful, alluring Bo, they are drawn into a relationship that will have frightening consequences.

Exquisite symbolises so much of what I adore in a book: fantastic, realer-than-real-life characters; a plot that is constantly twisting and turning, shocking you with its leaps away from what you think will be the outcome; and prose that is simultaneously beautiful, poetic yet sinister. This book is a terrific study in obsession, toxic love and the darkness that pervades in some minds.

Breathlessly fast-paced and tense, Sarah Stovell has created a book to marvel at and  reread again and again. I don’t think I would ever tire of reading this book. It’s just amazing. I absolutely love Sarah Stovell’s writing. Just beautiful.

Chilling, atmospheric and at times extremely creepy, it is sure to set your heart thumping and your blood pumping. A remarkable and unforgettable thriller whose excellence knows no bounds. Quite simply exquisite!

Atmospheric. Sinister. Chilling.

If you would like to read Exquisite here is the link!

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Huge thanks to Karen and Anne for my review copy and for including me on the blog tour!



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