The Last Piece of My Heart by Paige Toon #TheLastPieceOfMyHeart


The Last Piece of My Heart by [Toon, Paige]

The Last Piece of My Heart


Paige Toon


When life feels like a puzzle, sometimes it’s the small pieces that make up the bigger picture… Join Bridget on a journey to put her world back together.

A successful travel journalist, Bridget has ambitions to turn her quirky relationship blog about the missing pieces of her heart into a book. But after a spate of rejections from publishers, she accepts an alternative proposition.

Nicole Dupré died leaving behind a bestselling novel and an incomplete sequel. Tasked with finishing the book, Bridget is thankful to have her foot in the publishing door, even if it means relocating to Cornwall for the summer and answering to Nicole’s grieving husband, Charlie..

My Review:


As this novel is called The Last Piece of My Heart I thought I’d do something a little different with my review and list three things (pieces) about the novel I adored. I’ve whittled it down to three because otherwise this would be a huge, huge review. But first, I just like to say that whether you’ve read Paige Toon’s other works or not, this is a fabulously charming, emotional read perfect for a weekend away (maybe even in Cornwall)!

First piece: Characters.
Bridget is a fantastic character and I loved following her on her journey. Strong, independent and quirky, she is no stranger to heartache and that gave her a depth that really made me invest in the story. I loved watching the relationship between herself and Charlie unfold. It is an edge-of your seat read, filled to brim with shocks and surprises. There is something very addictive about this novel – nearly impossible to stop yourself from reading.

Second piece: The setting.
Padstow couldn’t have been a better location to base this book. The descriptions were spot on, perfectly capturing the atmosphere that suffuses the quaint harbour and how the place buzzes with life and colour. Transferring the essence of Padstow into the pages of a book must be a very hard thing to do but Paige Toon does it beautifully. I’ve popped some pictures down below so you can really see how remarkable those descriptions are.

Third piece: The story.
A sweet, charming and utterly addictive story that will pull at your heartstrings, as well as have you laughing out loud. An emotional rollercoaster from the pen of a very skillful author, The Last Piece of My Heart will leave you thirsty for more. Fabulous!

There they are. Three pieces for The Last Piece of My Heart. Really enjoyed this novel. If you’d like to listen to some of the songs Bridget loves, you can find her playlist at the back of the book.

Sweet. Charming. Emotional.

If you would like to buy the book, here is the link


Padstow – where the book is set.



Huge thanks to SJV and Books and the City for my review copy!




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