The Wedding Promise by Emma Hannigan #TheWeddingPromise


The Wedding Promise


Emma Hannigan


Restoring a Spanish villa brings Shelly back to the place she and her husband once loved, fulfilling the promise he made that they would return. But as plans to transform the villa into a romantic wedding venue take shape, Shelly discovers her children may need the move more than she does.

Her son Jake has begun to question the things he values most: his career as a pilot, his relationship with his girlfriend. Could Spain offer him the change he’s seeking? Shelly’s daughter Leila arrives with a new-born baby in tow, but then hears some startling news she wasn’t expecting. As Casa Maria takes its first booking, will it turn out to be more than a romantic promise made all those years ago? Perhaps a second chance at new beginnings?



My Review:


The Wedding Promise is a tale of love, hope and second chances. Uplifting, heart-warming, this is a timeless novel that will utterly blow you away. A hugely enjoyable read from a wonderful, wonderful author.

When Sherry’s beloved husband passes away, she is suddenly adrift in life, floating through her days, consumed with grief and yet desperately trying to stay strong and be there for her children, Leila and Jake. But when a plan of Gerry’s comes to light, her life takes an unexpected turn. Tasked with the renovation of an old Spanish villa, she throws herself into the project of transforming it into a beautiful wedding venue, gradually beginning to feel that perhaps there is a future for her in the tumbledown villa.

There is a fabulous cast of characters in this novel. Leila, a strong-minded young woman who is about to become a mother; Jake, a passionate pilot, who is about to embark on a new life with fiancé Fee and is questioning his future; And Shelly – strong, devoted, kind-hearted, she was my favourite. She pulled me into the immersive plot and kept me glued to the pages.

Suffused with warmth and humour, this beautifully written novel will pull at your heartstrings and have you wishing you could hop on a plane and stay at Casa Maria. I completely fell in love with the area – such a beautiful setting for a truly beautiful novel.

I’ve never been to Spain and through the wonderful descriptions, I had a fabulous insight into the scenery, culture and food. It was almost as if I was there with Shelly and the gang. This novel was a fabulous breath of fresh air!


Uplifting. Heart-warming. Charming.


If you would like to read The Wedding Promise here is the link







Huge thanks to Frances Gough for my review copy!

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