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tall oaks

Tall Oaks


Chris Whitaker


Tall Oaks is an idyllic small town, until the disappearance of a young child throws the tight-knit community into crisis.

Jess Monroe, the boy’s distraught mother, is simultaneously leading the search and battling her own grief and self-destructive behaviour. Her neighbours watch on, their sympathy masking a string of dark secrets.

This is a small town where nothing is as it seems, and everyone has something to hide. And as the investigation draws towards a climax, prepare for a devastating final twist . . .


My Review:


Tall Oaks is a novel that seamlessly blends darkness with humour. The complex group of characters and the genius backdrop of a small town in which secrets abound is an amalgamation of the best kind. Tall Oaks takes a searing look at how appearances can be deceiving and under a clam surface, emotional mayhem reigns. I loved this novel.

Three-year old Harry goes missing and the town of Tall Oaks is sent into an uproar. His mother Jess is heartbroken, seeking release in any way to banish from her mind thoughts of the clown she saw in her son’s room moments before he went missing. But with a town embroiled in secrets and the locals wearing guises that hide the most shocking of truths, it is apparent that the town of Tall Oaks isn’t quite what it seems.

Written with sensitivity and an insightful understanding of human nature, Tall Oaks has more sides to it than a Rubik’s cube, it’s funny bone, albeit a dark one, is a brilliant contrast against the intensity of Harry’s disappearance. The funny side to it will no doubt have you clutching your sides.

There are a diverse set of characters who really do pull you into the story. Teenager Manny, who along, with his pal Abe, play the part of gangsters in the town of Tall Oaks. I have to say I think Manny was my favourite – witty and, despite the facade he wears for his gangster image, very sweet.
Newcomer Jared who is on the run from his past, building and rebuilding his ‘act’ as he goes.
Jerry who works at the local PhotoMax, wanting to break free from his mother’s controlling rein.
And French John who, although not one of the main characters, has to be one of the best. His witty remarks throughout the book had me chuckling away.

A clever, complex, extremely enjoyable read from a very talented author. I can’t wait to read his next book! Bravo!

Intriguing. Funny. Fabulous.


If you’d like to read Tall Oaks here is the link!




Huge thanks to Readers First and Twenty7 for my review copy!


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