Seeking Eden by Beverley Harvey #SeekingEden #BookReview



Seeking Eden


Beverley Harvey


’50 is the new 30 – haven’t you heard?’ Or so says Ben Wilde’s record producer on the eve of his comeback. If only Ben could win back ex-girlfriend, Kate, he’d be a happy man. But married Kate has moved on, and moved out – to Eden Hill, a quiet housing estate in the suburbs. Lonely and homesick for London, can Kate resist ego-maniac Ben’s advances and save her own flagging marriage? Streets away, Kate’s new friend Lisa, a Chihuahua toting ex-WAG, is primed for a fresh start – until her footballer ex-husband is found dead and she is vilified in the gutter press. But Kate, Lisa and Ben aren’t the only ones having a midlife crisis; local shop owner Martin dreams of escaping his dutiful marriage, and develops an unhealthy obsession with Lisa and her friends in Eden Hill. Alongside a colourful cast of friends and family, Kate, Lisa, Ben and Martin are living proof that older does not always mean wiser because in Eden Hill, there’s temptation around every corner.


My Review:


Kate and Neil have moved to the quiet superb of Eden Hill, seeking some peace from busy city life. But despite the verdant location, friendly neighbours and the serenity in this little piece of heaven, they both regret the move almost instantly. When Kate does something that sends her relationship hurtling into disarray, she is put into a position where she must make a decision that will alter life greatly.


Martin, a local salesman, is struggling with his wife’s depression and the absence of his daughter, who has flown the nest. When a striking woman moves into town, he is dazzled by her beauty and quickly drawn onto a path of obsession.


Β Lisa, heartbroken over the death of her famous ex-husband, is shocked to discover he has left her a fortune. Promised the chance to give her side of the divorce by a reporter, she is distraught when her affairs are splashed across the news, manipulated into being sordid.


Lives aren’t what they seem in Eden Hill. Behind the idyllic facade, paradise isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. And its inhabitants are far from perfect. Lies, betrayal and secrets abound in this fun and entertaining tale.


Beverley Harvey spins a very clever yarn in Seeking Eden, picking out its characters’ traits with huge wit and all the while making us feel whole-heartedly invested in their stories. It’s hard not to give too much away but suffice to say this is a very entertaining read!


Witty. Entertaining. Enjoyable.


If you would like to read Seeking Eden, here is the link!



Huge thanks to Beverley Harvey and Matthew Smith for my review copy!


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