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Welcome to my spot on the Come a Little Closer blog tour today! I’m thrilled to share my review of this utterly wonderful book by Rachel Abbott!


Come A Little Closer


Rachel Abbott

They will be coming soon. They come every night.

Snow is falling softly as a young woman takes her last breath.

Fifteen miles away, two women sit silently in a dark kitchen. They don’t speak, because there is nothing left to be said. 

Another woman boards a plane to escape the man who is trying to steal her life. But she will have to return, sooner or later.

These strangers have one thing in common. They each made one bad choice – and now they have no choices left. Soon they won’t be strangers, they’ll be family…

When DCI Tom Douglas is called to the cold, lonely scene of a suspicious death, he is baffled. Who is she? Where did she come from? How did she get there? How many more must die?

Who is controlling them, and how can they be stopped?



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My Review:



DCI Tom Douglas is called to Pennington Flash Country Park to investigate the death of a young woman found in a bird hide. Propped against the wall, she looks as if she has simply nodded off, beckoned into sleep by the lullaby of nearby wildlife, hands folded in her lap, expression peaceful. With no clothes missing but for a pair of shoes and a coat, the case of this woman strikes a note of discord in Tom’s mind. She bears no signs of physical trauma nor does she look as if she has taken an overdose. Was this assisted suicide? Or a carefully planned murder? As Tom and his team paddle the problematic waters of this slippery case, a piece of his past threatens the fragile foundations of his new relationship. A secret that could shatter everything he holds dear.



Aboard a luxurious river boat, a girl is in turmoil. After fleeing an abusive partner, her life has adopted a nightmarish shade. Afraid to go back and stricken with thoughts of his dogged pursuit, she is welcomed into the company of an elderly couple who hope to help her. But who is the man always watching her from the corner of his eye? What does he want from her? And more importantly, how will she ever truly escape the painful clutch of her partner?



Around a table two women sit. Both silent, the words jamming in their throats. Both afraid, the dark expression on the face of one mirrored by the other. Both awaiting the call from the ones who live upstairs. There is nothing they can do, their fates have slipped from their possession and hope, that fragile little spark, is belied by the fear of the past and the sins they have committed. When the call comes, they go, because what other choice to they have?



Rachel Abbott seamlessly knits the stories of her characters together, enveloping the reader in her gripping prose. There are quite a lot of characters in this book but all the way through she keeps it clear and succinct who is who and what is happening. There are so many elements to this story that I absolutely adored but I don’t think I can say much without giving away the plot so I’m going to have to be careful. I loved the bad guy/s, I thought they were original and unnerving – some of the most surprising and genius characters I have come across for a long time. I loved the way Rachel Abbott slipped new twists into her plot, startling red herrings that pluck the attention of the reader and hold it tight to the very end. And I loved that amazing ending!! It is so good to be back with DCI Tom Douglas! I’m a huge fan of this series so I’m extremely thrilled to have had the chance to review Rachel Abbott’s latest offering and to be on this wonderful blog tour!!


Come A Little Closer is a heart-stopping foray into DCI Tom Douglas’ latest investigation. Swathed in suspense and tension, this thrilling, utterly marvellous book will snatch the breath from its readers and capture their imagination from the very first word of the very first sentence! Wonderful!


Dark. Shocking. Original.






To purchase this fabulous book you can follow the links here

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About Rachel Abbott



Rachel Abbott, born and raised in Manchester, founded her own interactive media company in the 1980s, before selling it and retiring in 2005. She then moved to Italy where she worked on the renovation of a 15th century Italian monastery, and it was here that, one day, she found herself snowed in and decided to begin writing for pleasure. This became her debut novel Only The Innocent, which she went on to publish via Kindle Direct Publishing, topping their chart for 4 weeks. A true self-publishing pioneer, Come a Little Closer is Abbott’s seventh novel. All of her previous thrillers have hit no.1 in the Kindle charts. She splits her time between Alderney in the Channel Islands and Italy.


You can find more about Rachel via these links:







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What people are saying about Come A Little Closer:

“Come a Little Closer is a brilliant crime read. Rachel Abbott is already one of the Queens of Crime, but this dark tale of manipulation, danger and lies adds to her reputation for outstanding storytelling.” – Kate Rhodes, author of Hell Bay


“In Come a Little Closer, Abbott’s usual high calibre plotting provides everything the reader needs in a gripping thriller. Satisfying investigation from the ever-lovely Tom Douglas, and a killer twist that makes this one her best yet.” – Louise Voss, co-author of From the Cradle


‘Come A Little Closer is a heart-stopping foray into DCI Tom Douglas’ latest investigation. Swathed in suspense and tension, this thrilling, utterly marvellous book will snatch the breath from its readers and capture their imagination from the very first word of the very first sentence! Wonderful!’ – Ronnie Turner, blogger


“The tangled web Rachel Abbott weaves is both intriguing and horrifying and I found myself living this story. I was totally gripped by it.” – Kath Middleton, author and blogger


“What a cracker of a book! Spellbinding. Breath-taking. The pace just builds and builds to the climax giving you a really uneasy feeling in your bones. And that ending! OMG! What a shocker!” – Kim the Bookworm


‘Creepy to the core, Rachel Abbott never fails to deliver with her mind-blowing twists and downright sinister storylines! 5 stars” – Noelle Holton, Crimebookjunkie


‘Come A Little Closer is a very twisty mix of dark psychological thriller and intelligent police procedural. Rachel Abbott has created an intricate web of lies and deceit.’ – Victoria Goldman, Off-the-Shelf Books.

“Clever, creepy and compelling.” – Sharon Bolton, author of The Craftsman


Huge thanks to Maura, Rachel and Black Dot Publishing for my review copy and for including me on the blog tour!

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