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because we are bad

Because We Are Bad: OCD and a Girl Lost in Thought


Lily Bailey



As a child, Lily Bailey knew she was bad. By the age of 13, she had killed someone with a thought, spread untold disease, and ogled the bodies of other children.

Only by performing an exhausting series of secret routines could she correct her wrongdoing. But it was never enough.

She had a severe case of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and it came with a bizarre twist.

Anyone who wants to know about OCD, and how you can fight back, should read this book.







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My Review


Because We Are Bad is a memoir written by Lily Bailey, a model, journalist and author. It follows her journey from a young age genuinely believing she is a terrible person to her OCD diagnosis at the age of sixteen to present day as she battles her disorder. It is both heartbreaking and uplifting, and in every way possible a book that must be read and shared.



The first half of this book follows Lily’s early life, a time when she had to check the taps were off, had to check the door was locked, had to check her little sister was alive in her bed in the middle of the night. And then had to check it all over again. When she counted the bad things she did every day, analysing them, marking them green if they were justifiable and red if they were extremely bad and they required further analysis. A time when she created a second personality that told her she was bad, when “me” split into “we”, life changed drastically and with a single thought she feared she could hurt or even kill someone. The second half of the book follows Lily’s travels, her work at an orphanage, her time in a psychiatric unit and her life today.



For me it has been a door to a better understanding of OCD and what it is like living with this disorder. I think this is such a crucial book for these times and one that will leave a lasting impression on its readers. I fully recommend Because We Are Bad for its power to change perception and its author‘s remarkable story!



Because We Are Bad is an illuminating, poignant and raw book about one girl and her life with OCD. It’s a book that I think should be shared and read not only to further your knowledge but to deepen your understanding of life with this disorder. It’s a book to banish the mental health stigma and combat those misconceptions. Lily Bailey’s story, delivered with a strong, humorous and touching voice, will hit a core with a lot of readers. It certainly did with me.



Emotional. Honest. Fantastic.







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About Lily Bailey


lily bailey


Lily Bailey is a model and writer. She became a journalist in London in 2012, editing a news site and writing features and fashion articles for local publications including The Richmond Magazine and The Kingston Magazine. Lily lives in London with her dog, Rocky.


You can find her on Twitter




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Huge thanks to Emma Finnigan for my review copy!

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