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our kind of cruelty


Our Kind of Cruelty


Araminta Hall


Mike and Verity have a special game. The Crave.

They play it to prove what they already know: that Verity loves Mike. That she needs Mike.

Even though she’s marrying another man.

Now Mike knows that the stakes of their private game are rising.

This time, someone has to die…






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My Review:


Mike and Verity are unlike any other couple. They play a game called the Crave to prove their love for one another. A game to buoy themselves up and send others crashing to the floor. The fabric of their relationship is stitched with poison. Verity has moulded Mike to fit her ideals: confidant, good-looking, successful. Aspects of him are written solely by her hand. And he is dedicated, mind, body and soul to her. He will grant her every wish and fit himself into her life like a glove on her hand. Because she is the perfect woman. The perfect – and only – partner for him. He loves her, craves her. And his love is an unmovable force, nothing will stop him being with her. Not even when she breaks things off and gets engaged to another man. To Mike, this is just the latest ploy in their game. It’s her move. And she has made it a good one.




Mike is a really interesting character. I went from feeling sympathetic toward him to utterly repulsed. He narrates his side of events with steely conviction and undeterred determination in what he does. He believes his own lies down to the smallest detail. He lives and breathes Verity. She is present in his thoughts each second of every day. She is everywhere he looks, in everything he hears, in everything he does. She is in the music he plays, in the food he eats, in the house he readies for her when their game comes to its eventual conclusion. His obsession for her is acute. And it’s a very unnerving but incredibly gripping thread that binds you to the pages. Verity really intrigued me. Her actions throughout the book spoke of a dark and quite unhinged person and I was constantly wondering what she would do next.



Araminta Hall has written a beautifully crafted book with fascinating characters. I didn’t like either Mike or Verity. But I don’t think readers are meant to. I think this is a book which asks the reader to observe their ways and come to their own conclusion on what makes these two who they are. What makes them tick. I really enjoyed this book! Our Kind Of Cruelty is utterly wonderful. A welcome new addition to the genre, one I think will have readers gripped!




Our Kind of Cruelty is a fantastic book, propelled by a deep psychological lead that will really make you stop and think about the layers crafting this book, the themes that run through it and the characters who drive it. It will make you wonder and ask yourself whose side you’re on. Mike’s? Verity’s? Both? Or maybe neither. Loved it!



Gripping. Surprising. Fabulous.





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About Araminta Hall



araminta hall


My new novel Our Kind of Cruelty is being published in the UK on 3rd May and in the US on 8th May.

It’s a dark psychological thriller told from the viewpoint of Mike, a damaged man who cannot accept his long-term relationship with Verity, has finished. I am a massive fan of the thriller writers of old, like Patricia Highsmith and Daphne Du Maurier, who were such masters at taking us deep in to delusional minds.

I am also the author of Everything & Nothing (2011) and Dot (2013).

I live in Brighton with my husband and three children.

You can contact me on twitter at @aramintahall





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Huge thanks to Francesca & Clare at Century for my review copy!


3 thoughts on “Book Review: Our Kind of Cruelty by Araminta Hall ~ #OurKindOfCruelty #WhatsYourVerdict? #BookReview

  1. This Mike sounds like an intriguing character to read about. I love a good unlikable protagonist if it’s done well and we get a good backstory as well
    Got this book last week when it was on sale. Look forward to reading it


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