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Welcome to my stop on the Paris portion of the blog tour today! I’m thrilled to kicking off the tour with my review of Alone Time By Stephanie Rosenbloom!




alone time


Alone Time


Stephanie Rosenbloom


Travelling with friends and family is usually thought of as a privilege. In theory, anyway. In practice, it’s more often about debating which sights to see, panicking over diminishing phone batteries and bickering over what to eat. Not much joy in that. But alone you can do as you please. You can wander markets, relish silence, go to a park. Go to Paris. Why not?

In Alone Time, New York Times travel columnist Stephanie Rosenbloom travels alone in four seasons to four remarkable cities – Paris, Istanbul, Florence and New York – exploring the sensory experience of solitude. Along the way she illuminates the psychological arguments for alone time, revealing that whether you recognize it or not, it’s good to be alone now and then.

This is a book about the pleasures and benefits of savouring the moment, examining things closely, using all your senses to take in your surroundings, whether travelling to faraway places or walking the streets of your own city. Through on-the-ground observations and anecdotes, and drawing on the thinking of artists, writers and innovators who have cherished solitude, Alone Time lays bare the magic of going solo.







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My Review




Alone Time follows journalist and author Stephanie Rosenbloom as she tours four very different cities over the course of four seasons. Exploring myraid cultures and touching on literature, architecture, science, food, religion and how some alone time can benefit so many people for so many reasons, this book is an intimate, thought-provoking and at times witty account of new experiences and positive discovery. I loved it! For so many reasons it is an absloute must-read!



Combined with fascinating statistics and anecdotes about the importance of having time alone, Stephanie Rosenbloom also offers readers a look into the cultures and everyday life of four cities. The quaint, pulsing streets of Paris, the tables and chairs scattered outside cafes where customers savour sweet treats. The sights and smells of Istanbul, the language and the rhythm of life in Florence, the noise and food of New York. Stephanie Rosenbloom introduces us to new corners of the world, all the while giving us the opportunity to realise just how crucial alone time is. Through so much of this book, I simultaneously wanted to hop on a plane to Paris and raid the fridge in an attempt to replicate some of the Parisian dishes mentioned in this book.



Inside are brilliant quotes from chefs, actors, scientists, artists and writers you might have never heard before (like me) and never forget. They give another insight into how important time alone can be. It’s a way to open the door to inspiration, creativity, imagination and finding a balance in life. Taking a few moments to absorb and appreciate aspects of life that are usually lost in the rush of day to day activities, is quite full-filling. I really enjoyed this book! Although I have never visited Florence, Istanbul or New York, I did go to Paris as a youngster. And reading this reminded me of having treats from the sweet-smelling Pâtisserie and looking over Paris from the Eiffel Tower!



Spanning four seasons and four bustling cities including Paris, Istanbul, Florence and New York, Alone Time is a fascinating, insightful book that will prompt reflection and an altered outlook on the world around.


Insightful. Fascinating. Wonderful!





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A short piece by Stephanie Rosenbloom!


5 Things Not To Miss In Paris

–The very best thing to do in Paris? Walk. A short but lovely one is from the quintessential cafes of Saint-Germain-des-Prés, across Ile de la Cité (with a stop at Notre-Dame, bien sur), to the Place des Vosges, where you can picnic in one of the city’s most breathtaking squares, steps from where Victor Hugo lived.
–Go shopping at Merci, the chic lifestyle emporium where you can snap up everything from stickers and stationary to swimsuits and espadrilles. Break for lunch in the lively Haut Marais at the Marché des Enfants Rouges, among the oldest markets in Paris. Afterward, stroll over to Canal Saint-Martin, where you can crisscross footbridges, enjoy a drink, and browse the shops that line the canal, including the design bookstore, Artazart.
–Explore SoPi (South Pigalle), where ancient streets are now home to hipsters; terrific brunch spots; and music, design, and vintage shops.
–Paris has an embarrassment of manicured gardens, parks, and squares, the smallest of which (like the one at Maison de Balzac) can be a revelation. But the sprawling Luxembourg Gardens manages to be whatever you want or need—grand or intimate, bustling or quiet—depending on where you choose to wander.
–Treat yourself to a ballet or opera beneath a ceiling painted by Marc Chagall at the gilded Palais Garnier, then hit the sidewalks for a meal at one of the cafe tables that dot the humming Rue des Martyrs.







About the Author






Stephanie Rosenbloom is the staff columnist for the Travel section of The New York Times, where she has been a reporter for various desks (including Styles, Business, and Real Estate) for more than a decade. She has appeared on CNN’s American Morning, NBC’s The Today Show, and NPR’s The Takeaway.


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Merci Hayley Barnes and Stephanie Rosenbloom for my review copy and blog tour invite!

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