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Welcome to my spot on the blog tour today! I’m delighted to share my review of How Far We Fall by Jane Shemilt!



how far we fall



How Far We Fall


Jane Shemilt




The perfect couple

Meeting Albie gave Beth a fresh start – a chance to leave her past behind. Now she has her new husband; an ambitious, talented young neurosurgeon.

The perfect marriage

Their marriage gives Beth the safe haven she’s always wanted – with just one catch. Albie has no idea of the secrets she’s keeping. He doesn’t know that years ago, Beth had an affair with Ted, the boss helping Albie’s star ascend. Nor that the affair’s devastating ending will have consequences for their own future.

The perfect storm

So when Ted’s generous patronage begins to sour, Beth senses everything she’s built could crumble. And she sees an opportunity. To satisfy Albie’s ambitions, and her own obsessive desire for revenge . . .

She’ll keep her marriage and her secret safe.

But how far will the fall take them?






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My Review




Beth meets Albie at a party and instantly a connection sparks between them. He is a talented, devoted neurosurgeon. She is a ambitious, determined nurse. To him, Beth is a miracle, the perfect woman who strolled into his life one day. To her, Albie is a fresh start, a way of storming the walls of her troubled life and remaking it with the man she loves firmly at its centre. In no time, they are married and talking about starting a family. But Albie is unaware of her dark past, the secret she is devoted to keeping hidden. Her affair with his boss Ted and what followed gouged a hole in her life and left her scarred. When Ted’s friendship with Albie begins to turn rotten, she realises that it wouldn’t take much for her secret to come spilling out. They say the past is in the past. But when hers begins to threaten her future, she sets her sights on revenge.





Beth is quite a cold, calculating character. She is stricken with loss and loneliness when she is introduced. Her affair with Ted, combined with a traumatic childhood has left her with scars but I really couldn’t connect with her. I think her true personality gets stronger further into the book, especially as she begins to manipulate those around her.




It was really interesting to see events play out and how the book twists onto new paths. Jane Shemilt keeps the tension rippling through the pages. I loved the medical aspect of this book. Although a few scenes did make me cringe it was fascinating to learn a bit more about neurosurgery. For me, this gave the book another layer.




With short, sharp chapters, this book is a well-written story. Jane Shemilt captures emotions beautifully on the page. Her seamless descriptions of Jura, one of the locations in the book, really made me feel as if I was on the island and in a few seconds, Albie, Beth and Ted would emerge. How Far We Fall is a dark, intriguing thriller about jealousy, betrayal and the lengths someone will go to for revenge.




Dark. Twisty. Intriguing.





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About Jane Shemilt



jane shemilt



While working as a GP, Jane Shemilt completed a postgraduate diploma in Creative Writing at Bristol University and went on to study for the MA in Creative Writing at Bath Spa, gaining both with distinction. Her first novel, Daughter, was selected for the Richard & Judy Book Club, shortlisted for the Edgar Award and the Lucy Cavendish Fiction Prize, and went on to become the bestselling debut novel of 2014.

She and her husband, a professor of neurosurgery, have five children and live in Bristol.

You can find Jane on Twitter here!






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Huge thanks to Jenny Platt & Michael Joseph for my review copy and blog tour invite!


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