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New Beginnings for Bryony Bennett


Katy Lilley




Welcome to my spot on the blog tour for New Beginnings for Bryony Bennett! I’m delighted to share a fabulous guest post today from author Katy Lilley who talks about her writing life! But first here is a little more about the book and its lovely author:





bryony bennett



New Beginnings for Bryony Bennett


Katy Lilley



When Bryony Bennett’s godmother dies and leaves her a huge inheritance, Bryony jumps at the chance to get away from it all and start again.

She packs up her life and moves into the (almost) idyllic Cliff Cottage…only to find that starting over is never quite as simple as you imagine. Faced with grumpy neighbours, hostile locals and more than her fair share of disasters, Bryony embarks on a mission to make sure her new life is everything she wants it to be…but will she ever win over the locals and truly be happy in her new life?




To purchase a copy of this book, you can follow the link below:

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About Katy Lilley



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Wine drinker, cheese hater (sorry), sun lover, non-domestic goddess. The softer, sweeter side of Can often be bribed with Sav Blanc and chocolate.


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Guest Post



Katy Lilley’s writing life


Typical? Define typical?
That was my husband’s comment when I mentioned that I was writing a blog post about my typical writing day.
I get his point.
As I can write anywhere, and frequently do, I suppose my typical day is…different every time, if that’s not a contradiction in terms.
As in when we’re at home where my study is next to the kitchen, writing seems to get interrupted by the world and his wife. The postie, the white van man with a parcel—not necessarily for us but for anyone around, as you can’t always see house names.
Lost tourists, who insists we must be the bed and breakfast as ‘the sat nav says so’. The kids in the lane asking their parents ‘are we there yet?’
In the winter, trips to the log shed to make sure the fire is stoked. And to the coffee pot of course.
That’s at home. As long as there are no visitors. Then it’s the up at 5.30-6 am and get two hours in before anyone else surfaces. Of course by 10 pm I’m yawning, but that’s life.
When we’re not at home?
Anything goes.
Take one day recently. Long haul, daytime flight. Once the seatbelt signs were switched off, down came the tray table, and out came the laptop. That is normal for long haul. For any flight come to think of it.
Bliss. The only interruptions are for food, drink and a visit to the loo. (Plus my husband looking over the divider to see what I’m up to.)
And that reminds me of another flight, several years ago.
I got up to go to the loo, and when I got back, there was a guy reading my m/s. I did the excuse me bit, and he moved to let me go by. I explained that was my seat, and off he went. Around half an hour later, I wandered off to get a drink and one of the cabin crew said that the guy in seat ‘x’ wanted to know what happened next in the m/s. I handed over my card and said when roughly the book was to be published. Thought no more about it, until in due course I got an email, saying, ‘loved to find out what happened next,’ signed ‘the guy on the plane.’
Of course that’s not typical, but it did happen on one of my, let me get some words down, sessions.
A few weeks ago I was sitting on a covered patio in Barbados and typing as I watched the monkeys on the garden wall. (Baby monkey seemed to be trying to annoy mum, by almost falling off. She grabbed him/her and marched off. A lovely interlude.
Today, I’m at home, sitting at my desk in my study, looking out at the garden. One red squirrel is on the nut holder, another jumping from one tree to another. A melanistic pheasant has just strolled across the lawn, and it’s misty. (It is not quite six am, and it’s Scotland)
The pile of reference books are neat and tidy. By lunchtime they will be all over the place. There’s only one cup half full of coffee cooling because I forgot to finish it, and no tell tale biscuit crumbs on the carpet yet. The patio door is open, because the midges have thinned enough, and for once it’s not raining, and I’m writing.
I seem to get so much more written in the early morning. I love the silence, and the way the day gradually wakes up. The birds with their dawn chorus, the sheep in the nearby field baaing, and yes the guy across the road coaxing his Harley into a deep roar. Or mummy monkey and her baby on their way to wherever.
However, I do tend to block it all out when I’m writing.
Which is why my lovely husband has learned to check the Aga to see if I’ve put anything in there and forgotten about it. It has been known to happen.
I’m incredibly fortunate that I can write anywhere, and do. As my husband said to me when he gave me my first lightweight lap top. Have lap top will travel.
And we do.
It’s all good for research eh?
So there you have it. A day in the life of Katy. I won’t say typical, buy I will say oh so enjoyable.






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Huge thanks to Tracy Fenton, Katy Lilley and Manatee Books for the guest post and blog tour invite!


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