Book Review: Stone Cold Heart by Caz Frear – #StoneColdHeart #BookReview


Stone Cold Heart


Caz Frear

Joseph Madden says his wife is setting him up for the murder of a young PA found dead at a party.

His wife says he didn’t do it.

The trail of evidence leads to even more questions . . .

Adulterer. Murderer. Victim.

Who would you believe?



When DC Cat Kinsella is stopped by coffee-shop owner Joseph Madden and asked for advice regarding the threatening behaviour of his wife, she instantly just thinks its a simple domestic. Nothing concerning her. She returns to work and forgets all about it. But when her team begin to investigate the murder of a young PA, Cat realises that there was more to Joseph Madden’s plea for advice than she first thought. As she and her partner Luigi delve into Naomi Lockheart’s past, evidence comes to light that proves she and Joseph were having an affair.

He says he didn’t do it, says his wife is setting him up. But did she? Was it an act of revenge on her cheating husband? Did she snap, take Naomi’s life as calatoral for her own suffering? Or are they both just playing a game, trying to shift the blame?

 Meanwhile, Cat is struggling with her inner-demons. The things she has done, the lies she has told. Any chance of taking the next step with her boyfriend is blocked. Her relationship with close family is frayed and beyond repair. Old deeds dog her every move no matter how hard she tries, all that she has sacrificed. The future is stained by the sins of her past. She can’t escape.

As more evidence comes to light, Cat must find the killer and bring justice for Naomi before times runs out.

Cat and Luigi make such brilliant partners. Their easy banter is hilarious and endearing. The author writes with tension, humour, irony and emotion filling every page. Fabulous. This can be read as a standlone but I think, to fully understand Cat and her backstory, it’s best to read  Sweet Little Lies, the first in the Cat Kinsella Series. Loved the first and love the second. Brilliant books!

To purchase a copy copy of the book, you can follow the links below:

Amazon UK

Book Depository

About The Author


Caz Frear grew up in Coventry and spent her teenage years dreaming of moving to London and writing a novel. After fulfilling her first dream, it wasn’t until she moved back to Coventry thirteen years later that the writing dream finally came true. She has a first-class degree in History & Politics, which she’s put to enormous use over the years by working as a waitress, shop assistant, retail merchandiser and, for the past twelve years, a headhunter.

When she’s not agonising over snappy dialogue or incisive prose, she can be found shouting at the TV when Arsenal are playing, or holding court in the pub on topics she knows nothing about.

With thanks to Clare Kelly for my ARC, which I received in exchange for an honest review.

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