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Welcome to my stop on the blog tour today! I’m delighted to share my review of This Little Dark Place by A.S. Hatch!

This Little Dark Place


A. S. Hatch

Daniel and Victoria are together. They’re trying for a baby. Ruby is in prison, convicted of assault on an abusive partner.

But when Daniel joins a pen pal program for prisoners, he and Ruby make contact. At first the messages are polite, neutral – but soon they find themselves revealing more and more about themselves. Their deepest fears, their darkest desires.

And then, one day, Ruby comes to find Daniel. And now he must decide who to choose – and who to trust.

My Review

Daniel has everything he ever wanted: a nice home, a loving wife, a successful business, a good and happy life. He has overcome his painful past and started afresh. But life isn’t perfect. Far from it. Following their struggles to conceive, Daniel and Victoria have begun to grow apart. She is distant, unreachable, always rushing in and out the house, refusing to talk. Daniel is at his wit’s end, desperate to comfort her but unsure how to close up that distance. Their relationship is being crippled by grief and he can’t think of a way to save it.

Battling with loneliness Daniel joins a PenPal programme for prisoners and begins contacting an inmate called Ruby. Their messages are pleasant enough at first, friendly, supportive. They become friends. With time, they begin to share more about their pasts. Dark fears and darker secrets. The narrative of their messages morphs into something far different and Daniel regrets ever signing up to the programme.

When Ruby turns up at his door, life as Daniel knows it will change, shift beyond recognition. And things will become deadly.

I loved the setting in this book. A cottage surrounded by grim woodland. It created such a dark, eerie picture in my mind. I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough. The author has a fascinating character in Daniel. In the beginning I really felt for him, his struggles with having a baby, his concern for his wife, his constant battle with his past, then as the story progressed, I found myself feeling differently towards him. He makes for a fascinating character study and I loved how the author depicted him. The writing is rich and gripping, never letting up the tension.

This book is deliciously dark, chilling and evocative. The writing is beautiful, the characters are absolutely fascinating. I could never have guessed the conclusion (prepare to be shocked.) An absolute cracker of a book!! 

To purchase a copy of this book, you can follow the links below:

Amazon UK

Book Depository

About the Author

A.S. Hatch grew up in Thornton-Cleveleys, a small town near Blackpool. After graduating in 2007 with a degree in journalism he moved to Taipei, Taiwan where he taught English as a foreign language for two years before moving to Melbourne, Australia. Andrew returned to the UK in 2013 and now lives in London where he works in political communications.

He began writing fiction at university. His novel Los Gigantes was shortlisted for the Luke Bitmead Prize in 2013 and his short story Flies was chosen by WyrdBooks Ltd as their short story of the month in October 2012.

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With thanks to Rachel and Serpent’s Tail for my ARC, which i received in exchange for an honest review!

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