Book Review: The Name of All Things by Jenn Lyons – #TheNameOfAllThings #BookReview #AChorusOfDragons

The Name of All Things


Jenn Lyons

Kihrin D’Mon is a wanted man.

Since he destroyed the Stone of Shackles and set demons free across Quur, he has been on the run from the wrath of an entire empire. His attempt to escape brings him into the path of Janel Theranon, a mysterious Joratese woman who claims to know Kihrin.

Janel’s plea for help pits Kihrin against all manner of dangers: a secret rebellion, a dragon capable of destroying an entire city, and Kihrin’s old enemy, the wizard Relos Var.

Janel believes that Relos Var possesses one of the most powerful artifacts in the world–the Cornerstone called the Name of All Things. And if Janel is right, then there may be nothing in the world that can stop Relos Var from getting what he wants.

And what he wants is Kihrin D’Mon.

My Review

When Kihrin D’Mon and his companion, arrive at a tavern in Jurat, he is told a woman is waiting for him. Her name is Janel Theranon, she is a stranger, one adamant he aid her in her mission. At first Kihrin is reluctant, he has his own problems after all, his own concerns, he did release countless blood-thirsty Demons into the world, that is niggling him quite a bit. But as Janel begins to tell her story, Kihrin realises they are bound by their past and their destiny. A war is brewing with mutual enemy Relos Var and if they don’t find a way of stopping it, the largest dragon in existence will soon eliminate a whole city.

I was SO excited when I found this book waiting for me when I got home. I’ve heard so much praise for Jenn Lyons and was itching to dive into this book. It didn’t disappoint, not one iota. I haven’t read the first book in the series (and I hate myself for it!!!) but I did manage to keep up with the story. I loved the intricate, genius world-building, the clever, nuanced writing and structure and the sassy, strong characters who take up positions in your head (and heart), settle down and refuse to budge. 

I ADORED the characters, Kihrin, Janel, Dorna, Nina, Qworn, I have a soft spot for sarcastic characters and this book delivers a bounty of them. I went from laughing my head off to biting my nails off within a few chapters. The emotion is intense and by the end I was a wreck, clutching the book tight and reminding myself to breathe. The Name of All Things is riveting. There’s dragons, assassins, kings, wizards, demons, gods and goddesses galore. It has everything. I loved discovering the history and lores, the politics and religions, I loved getting to know the characters (that love-triangle!!) and am incredibly excited to read the next book in the Chorus of Dragons series. 

It’s a rip-roaring adventure, a feast of a fantasy, a book I didn’t want to end. This book is quite big at over 500 pages but by the end, you’ll find yourself wishing there were 500 more. Reading this book was a journey I relished every step of. Grab a copy of The Ruin of Kings and The Name of All Things as quick as you can. It’s about revenge, rebellion, magic, bravery, courage and so much more. For me, the countdown as begun for the next book in the series!

To purchase a copy of this book, you can follow the links below:

Amazon UK

Book Depository

About the Author

Jenn Lyons lives in Atlanta, Georgia, with her husband, three cats, and a nearly infinite number of opinions on anything from Sumerian mythology to the correct way to make a martini. Formerly a video game producer, she now spends her days writing fantasy. A long-time devotee of storytelling, she traces her geek roots back to playing first edition Dungeons & Dragons in grade school and reading her way from A to Z in the school’s library.

With thanks to Jamie-Lee and Tor Books for my ARC, which I received in exchange for an honest review!

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