Book Review: Three Women and a Boat by Anne Youngson #ThreeWomenAndABoat #BookReview

Three Women and a Boat


Anne Youngson

Meet Eve, who has departed from her thirty-year career to become a Free Spirit; Sally, who has waved goodbye to her indifferent husband and two grown-up children; and Anastasia: defiantly independent narrowboat-dweller, suddenly vulnerable as she awaits a life-saving operation.

Inexperienced and ill-equipped, Sally and Eve embark upon a journey through the canals of England, guided by the remote and unsympathetic Anastasia. As they glide gently – and not so gently – through the countryside, the eccentricities and challenges of canalboat life draw them inexorably together, and a tender and unforgettable story unfolds.

Disarmingly truthful and narrated with a rare, surprising wit, THREE WOMEN AND A BOAT is a journey over the glorious waterways of England and into the unfathomable depths of the human heart.

I was ridiculously excited to read Anne Youngson’s new book as I loved her debut, Meet Me at the Museum. I admit I had high expectations for Three Women and a Boat. So pleased to say, it has surpassed them all.

Strangers, Sally and Eve, are walking along the towpath when they hear a scream coming from one of the canal boats. They are caught off guard but immediately go to investigate. The cause of chaos is simply a dog wanting to be let out. On the deck of the Number One, Sally and Eve meet Anastasia.

The three women are at a crossroads: Sally has left her unhappy marriage and is looking for something more. Eve has been made redundant from her job after several years of devotion. And Anastasia is in need of support and a helping hand as her possibly life-saving operation looms.

They make an unlikely trio of friends and comrades. What follows is a sort-of house swap. Anastasia takes the flat and Sally and Eve move onto Anastasia’s boat, journeying along the canals of England in a bid to get it fixed. But for two inexperienced women, this is not an easy task. All the things that can go wrong, do. Their journey is a plight but it is also an adventure. One that will change them forever.

This book has a bounty of colourful characters that will take up residence in your thoughts and stay there (possibly whilst sipping on a cup of tea.) My favourites are Arthur, Noah and Anastasia, I admired her grit and fierce independence. She is a marvel.

The author draws these characters together in the most unlikely and humourus of circumstances. I loved her descriptions of the canal community and the friendship that blossoms between its people.

A charming, moving novel that will lift your mood and brighten your day. It is about friendship, self-discovery and living the best life you can live. Fabulous!

Available now in hardback, ebook and audiobook! To purchase this book, you can follow the links below:



About the Author

ANNE YOUNGSON lives in Oxfordshire and is married with two children and two grandchildren to date. MEET ME AT THE MUSEUM, her debut novel, was shortlisted for the Costa Best First Novel Award and won the inaugural Paul Torday prize for debut fiction by writers over sixty. Her exquisite new novel is also about the joy of discovering new experiences and friendships. Her work is published around the world.

With thanks to Hayley Barnes and Doubleday for my ARC, which I received in exchange for an honest review!

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