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The Rapunzel Act


Abi Silver

Welcome to my stop on the blog tour today!

I’m absolutely delighted to share a very exciting extract from The Rapunzel Act by Abi Silver! The Rapunzel Act is out NOW! Be sure to grab your copy!

Before we dive into the extract, here is a little more about the book and its fabulous author!

About the Book:

When Breakfast TV host and nation’s darling, Rosie Harper, is found brutally murdered at home, suspicion falls on her spouse, formerly international football star, Danny walks on water Mallard, now living out of the public eye as trans woman, Debbie. Not only must Debbie challenge the hard evidence against her, including her blood-drenched glove at the scene of the crime, she must also contend with the nation s prejudices, as the trial is broadcast live, turning it into a public spectacle.

For a woman trying to live her life without judgment, it might just be too much to bear. Legal duo Judith Burton and Constance Lamb are subjected to unyielding scrutiny as they strive to defend their most famous client yet.

Another thought-provoking courtroom drama from the acclaimed author of the Burton & Lamb series.

About the Author:

“I cannot remember a time when I was not writing stories. Growing up with a house full of books (my parents were teachers), I was inspired from an early age to believe I could join the ranks of my heroes.
I grew up in Leeds and studied in Cambridge before settling down to a legal career in London. I travelled extensively through Asia, South America and Australia and lived in Israel. Being an ‘outsider’ (as you frequently are when you travel or live overseas) makes you a wonderful people-watcher and it certainly informed my writing. I now live in Hertfordshire with my husband and three sons.
The Cinderella Plan is the third in the Burton & Lamb legal thriller series.”

— taken from the author’s Amazon page.

Check out her website here! You can also find Abi on Facebook and Twitter!

Immediately behind the armchair where Jason had settled was a large portrait of the man himself, sitting in that very same chair, fingers loosely intertwined, legs grounded and jaw tight.
‘I knew Rosie from her twenties. We were introduced by a friend,’ he said.
‘Were you in television then?’
‘I was trying to be. That was my dream, always. I was already doing bits and pieces for Channel 4. Then I got my first break with the BBC, working on Blue Peter, but all behind the scenes.’
‘When did you start to work together professionally?’
‘About three years later. I kept trying to get Rosie interested in TV. If you knew her, especially how she was back then, you’d realise how perfect she was for the small screen. Then a miracle happened – a minor one. A Blue Peter presenter had to be out for a few weeks and I suggested they trial Rosie as a stand-in.’
‘You got her her first big break?’
‘I’m proud to say I did.’
‘What was she like?’
‘Like no one else. When she smiled, the whole room was alight. She had this way of putting people at their ease – complete strangers. Such a talent. She knew just what to say, how to make people feel good about themselves.’
‘How close were you?’
‘We worked together Monday to Friday: 6 to 9.30 on screen. We arrived around 5 and we would spend an hour together after the show, having breakfast, talking about what had worked, what hadn’t, ideas for features.’
‘And out of work?’
‘Noooo. That was quite enough time together. We didn’t socialise outside work.’
Jason drank his tea and offered the biscuits around, before taking one himself.
‘Did you know Danny?’ Judith asked.
‘A little. I didn’t like him much, before you ask. And that was from the beginning, before…you know.’
‘Why not?’
‘I worried for Rosie. I’d seen the papers, like everyone else, all the scrapes he got himself into. She didn’t deserve it. And I worried about what didn’t make the cut too, what the papers wanted to say, but didn’t dare. Most footballers back then, in the Noughties – maybe it’s no different now – they were not faithful to their wives, especially the big names.’
‘Did you ever have reason to think Danny was having an affair?’
‘No. I’ll give him that. He seemed to love her, you know, loads of flowers on her birthday, that kind of thing, and he was never caught with anyone else…’
‘Like you say, it wouldn’t have been good for the breakfast show?’
‘I just cared about Rosie.’
‘Of course. How long did you front the show together?’
‘It’s coming up to eight years now.’
‘But you began without her?’
‘After the Blue Peter success, I tried to get her out front again. She’d have been pushing on an open door with the producers, but she was worried about the kids, especially with Danny being away so much.’
‘What changed?’
‘He retired from football in 2010, went into coaching. I suppose the kids were older too. And I negotiated a pretty good deal for her. It was hard for her to refuse.’
‘She was well paid?’
‘How do you think I afford all this?’ He waved his arms around and both Constance and Judith found themselves staring at Jason’s portrait. He turned around and grinned.
‘Before you say anything, I do know that I am not a reigning monarch. Rochelle had it commissioned for my fortieth. I could hardly consign it to the downstairs toilet.’

Out NOW!

The Rapunzel Act was published by Eye and Lightning Books in paperback original on 15 April 2021. Also available in ebook.


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With thanks to Amber, Midas PR, Lightening Books and Abi Silver for my blog tour invite!

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