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I was over the moon when I was asked if I’d like to review one of the six Quick Reads titles published today. This initiative is very close to my heart. As well as more information about this year’s authors and their gorgeous books, I’m sharing my review of The Baby is Mine by Oyinkan Braithwaite. (I adored her debut My Sister the Serial Killer too and highly recommend)

The need

1 in 6 adults in the UK struggle with reading and 1 in 3 adults do not regularly read for pleasure. England ranks 23rd out of 23 OECD nations for literacy level amongst 16-19 year olds. In addition, studies have shown that those who do read for pleasure have higher levels of self-esteem and a greater ability to cope with difficult situations.

The programme

Quick Reads provide a route into reading that prioritises great story telling and adult-focused content while ensuring the books are written in an accessible and easy to read style. The books are written by some of the most popular authors in the UK – including Andy McNab, Jojo Moyes, Anne Cleeves, Ian Rankin and Benjamin Zephaniah – so they can be a brilliant entry point to new genres, authors as well as the spark to reignite or build up the joy of reading.

The Quick Reads programme has collaborated with over 30 publishers to produce a total of 135 titles since 2006 (many still available to borrow from your public library or buy from The Reading Agency’s bookshop) with over 5 million copies distributed and over 5.7 million library loans. Each year, The Reading Agency work with bestselling authors to produce six new titles. See the full back catalogue.

The programme is in the final year of funding received through a generous donation from best-selling author Jojo Moyes who has funded the programme for three years.

This years crop of wonderful authors include:

OYINKAN BRAITHWAITE: The Baby is Mine (Atlantic)

LOUISE CANDLISH: The Skylight (Simon & Schuster)

KATIE FFORDE: Saving the Day (Arrow)

PETER JAMES: Wish You Were Dead (Macmillan)

CAITLIN MORAN: How to Be a Woman, abridged (Ebury)


When Bambi is thrown out by his girlfriend during the Covid19 pandemic, he seeks refuge at his aunt’s Lagos bungalow. Here he finds his dead uncle’s wife and mistress living together in a strange harmony. But what is stranger: they both claim to the mother of the baby boy in the crib.

Wanting to get to the bottom of it, Bambi decides a maternity test is the best option. Proof. But with the pandemic raging, this case is very low on hospitals’ to-do list.
Stuck between two increasingly violent women and a rage which festers during lockdown, Bambi takes care of Remi, keeps him from getting caught in the crossfire. But then Bambi finds blood stains on the wall and tribals markings cut into Remi’s cheeks. And his hunt for the truth becomes desperate… Who is the mother? Who is the liar?

The Baby is Mine is hugely entertaining read with the author’s signature blend of delicious darkness and brilliant wit, which I utterly adore. The characters are so well fleshed out, the story one that will sweep you up instantly. I REALLY enjoyed this. And highly recommend!


About The Reading Agency:
The Reading Agency is the leading charity inspiring people of all ages and all backgrounds to read for pleasure and empowerment. Working with our partners, our aim is to make reading accessible to everyone. The Reading Agency is funded by the Arts Council.

With thanks to Hannah, Atlantic Books and Midas PR for my ARC, which I received in exchange for an honest review!

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