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Cari Thomas

Within the boroughs of London, nestled among its streets, hides another city, filled with magic.

Magic and love. Love and magic. They destroy everything in the end …’

Anna’s Aunt has always warned her of the dangers of magic. Its twists. Its knots. Its deadly consequences.

Now Anna counts down the days to the ceremony that will bind her magic forever.

Until she meets Effie and Attis.

They open her eyes to a London she never knew existed. A shop that sells memories. A secret library where the librarian feeds off words. A club where revellers lose themselves in a haze of spells.

But as she is swept deeper into this world, Anna begins to wonder if her Aunt was right all along.

Is her magic a gift … or a curse?

Magic is a sin. It must be bound. Anna Everdell knows this. She knows her place. Her life has been one long lesson in restraint and control. Aunt has made sure of it.
Magic killed her mother, magic is dangerous. Anna’s knotting ceremony looms and she can do nothing to stop it.

But what if magic isn’t dangerous? What if there is more to her mother’s death than her aunt’s acid words?

Anna does her chores, she goes to school and yet she does not live. She is shrunken. Suppressed, turned inside herself. Soon, her power, the tiny crumb of it deep inside her, will be gone.

When Effie and Attis transfer to her school, she is drawn into their circle of magic. Soon she realises that there is another London, another world she did not know existed: of libraries made entirely of books, corridors of pages, leather volumes that listen and whisper; of half-hidden emporiums that sell fantasies and dreams and the memories of strangers; of keys that can open any doors: of clubs that pulse with spells, ancient and strange: of magic that can draw in the stars and slow time.

Across London whisperings of witches, sacrifice and ritual hang in the air, heralding strange and dark times to come. And Anna must decide to fight for her magic or lose it forever.

The characters are fantastic and so richly-drawn! Despite them being witches with magical abilities, they have human complexities – and this makes them very relatable. Each of them are bound up in a knot of love and fear and with each page, this knot tightens.

Aunt is a frightful character, as cruel as she is powerful but she is also an enigma, one that will have you trying to puzzle out her secrets and motivations. In Effie, there is a fire that can warm those around her but can just as easily burn their fingertips. And Attis, for all his charm, battles with his own shocking demons. (I have to quickly mention Rowena. In all the turmoil and darkness bubbling up, she is the lifting presence. She is bright and loud and hilarious! And I loved each and every scene she was in!)

One of THE most imaginative books I’ve read! Threadneedle is feast for the heart and for the senses. With a strong, compelling protagonist and rich, seductive prose, I don’t think I could pick a favourite scene if I tried. It is truly incredible! It’s an ode to the magic of books. I loved the characters, the plot, the twists laid seamlessly along the way. It is transportive, enchanting. This book casts its own special spell upon the reader! One that will have you eagerly awaiting the next book in the series! I CAN’T WAIT!


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About the Author

Cari Thomas has always loved magic, inspired by her upbringing among the woods and myths of Wales’s Wye Valley. She studied English and Creative Writing at Warwick University and Magazine Journalism at The Cardiff School of Journalism. Her first job was at teen Sugar magazine, where she ran the book club and quickly realised she wanted to be the one writing the books instead. She went on to work at a creative agency, spending her spare time researching magic and accumulating an unusual collection of occult books. She wrote her first novel, Threadneedle, while living in London, wandering the city and weaving it with all the magic she wished it contained. She now lives in Bristol with her husband and son, who bears the appropriately Celtic name of Taliesin.

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