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Welcome to my stop on the blog tour today! I’m delighted to share my review of The Girl in the Letter by Emily Gunnis!



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The Girl in the Letter


Emily Gunnis



A heartbreaking letter. A girl locked away. A mystery to be solved.

1956. When Ivy Jenkins falls pregnant she is sent in disgrace to St Margaret’s, a dark, brooding house for unmarried mothers. Her baby is adopted against her will. Ivy will never leave.

Present day. Samantha Harper is a journalist desperate for a break. When she stumbles on a letter from the past, the contents shock and move her. The letter is from a young mother, begging to be rescued from St Margaret’s. Before it is too late.
Sam is pulled into the tragic story and discovers a spate of unexplained deaths surrounding the woman and her child. With St Margaret’s set for demolition, Sam has only hours to piece together a sixty-year-old mystery before the truth, which lies disturbingly close to home, is lost for ever…

Read her letter. Remember her story…






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My Review




2017: Sam Harper is a journalist trying desperately to make her career a success. With a five-year-old at home and relationship with boyfriend Ben going down the drain, Sam’s life runs to a fast, stressful rhythm. After a small triumph at work, she returns home to celebrate her nana’s birthday and finds she and daughter Emma fast asleep on the sofa, an old letter curled up next to her. Driven by curiosity, Sam reads it and discovers the heartbreaking story of a young girl called Ivy tracing back through the years.




2017: Kitty Cannon is a famous talk show host who is admired and applauded over by hundreds, including celebrities, producers, journalists, sports personalities, the crème de la crème. For decades she has interviewed, complimented, cajoled guests and mined stories for the truth. Now her career is drawing to an end. When she announces her retirement, Kitty celebrates her career with a grand party, where friends and colleagues gather together. But her retirement is the only way of leaving with her dignity, before a younger, newer host is brought in to replace her. But soon, the studio and the glamour of her career will be the last thing on her mind. The darkness in Kitty’s past is hurtling towards her and memories of her family prove impossible to run away from.




1956: when eighteen-year-old Ivy Jenkins discovers she is pregnant, she is sent to St. Margaret’s Home for mothers and babies. Forced to remain in the care of the cold, cruel Sisters for three years to pay for her keep, Ivy is put to work in the laundry room, where she and the other girls must remain silent all day, despite their discomfort. Overcome with desperation, she finds a way of sending letters to the father of her child. But despite her pleas for help, for love, for comfort, the letters go unanswered. After Ivy gives birth, her baby is taken away and she is left broken under the weight of her loss.




The three women’s stories begin to converge in surprising ways. They are all connected, their fates tangled together. Emily Gunnis depicts Ivy’s loss, loneliness and desperation with startling depth. The brutality and cruelty in these pages is very emotional, so much so I found myself hoping desperately for a happy ending. Emily Gunnis delivers an emotional, evocative novel that drew me in instantly.




Emotional. Evocative. Poignant.




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About Emily Gunnis



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Emily Gunnis previously worked in TV drama and lives in Brighton with her young family. She is one of the four daughters of Sunday Times bestselling author Penny Vincenzi.

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Huge thanks to Anne Cater and Headline for my review copy and blog tour invite!

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